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It has been many years that BAER testing of your litters has only been readily available to those breeders in close proximity of Onderstepoort Veterinary University hospital. This has now changed!

With the introduction of the BAERcom portable unit reputable animal breeders and pet owners can now have their litters, adults and breeding stock hearing tested at our partner vets or at their own veterinary practice.

On the ethical side

It is recognised as best practice not to use unilateral or bilaterally deaf animals in your breeding programme.  The bilaterally deaf animal is quite easily recognised by the trained person but unilateral hearing slips through every time.  The only way to know for sure is to Get Tested.

On the commercial side

The Consumer Protection Act and the Consumer Commission would make merry in cases where a unilateral or bilaterally deaf animal has been sold without full disclosure.  In their eyes it is defective.  I certainly wouldn’t want the expense of defending that in court.  So protect yourself - Get Tested.

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