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KUSA Recognised

To educate all breeders about the prevalence of deafness in domestic animals, to encourage the well being of these animals and reduce the incidences of deaf animals being supplied to the domestic market and breeding fraternity.

To collect data and statistics on South Africa’s domestic animal population that is afflicted with deafness.

To embark on a education campaign involving digital media, brochures and appearances at animal events informing breeders on the genetic and pathogenic causes of this problem.

To set up a network of testing facilities around the country so that breeders can get their breeding stock tested and move towards breeding from animals that have been proven not to have hearing defects.

To record these results and capture in a data base, so that once enough data is collected from each breed, publish on a percentage basis the incidences of deafness affecting South Africa’s domestic pet population.  Supply this information to global researchers for inclusion into international statistics.