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We have a long way and a lot of testing to go before we can issue any form of meaningful statistics for the South African domestic animal market .  We have been informed that we need to collect results from 500 of each breed to be able to offer accurate statistics.  Even then, these can be skewed by only testing suspect animals where the averages will be higher than testing full litters.  Therefore once the numbers have been achieved we shall be publishing all test percentages as well as full litter only percentages.

At this stage we will publish a list of breeds where deafness has been found in the dogs that reside in South Africa and which make up the gene pool that we breed from.

List of breeds where deafness has been confirmed in SA.

Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Dalmatian, Dogo Argentino, French Bulldog, Papilon, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cross Breed…

…and we have only just begun.

As we test more breeds we will start to get a bigger picture in the extent that deafness is affecting South African Breeders.  Your co-operation and help will assist in getting a clear picture.  Results for an individual animal or specific clients are strictly confidential. and it is up to the owner/breeder how they deal with their results.